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How to start day trading with Trader Rookie

If you are exploring the exciting world of day trading but still lack the knowledge and experience to be profitable at trading: This page is for you!

The economic entry barriers have never been lower to get started with online trading. Anyone can open a brokerage account and get started within a few days.

But making money trading is no easy task: you need to beat the masses to succeed. This is far from impossible, but you are required you put in some time studying and practicing to reach your goals!

A lot of people getting involved with trading will at some point find themselves frustrated with their lack of results and experience financial losses. This might, in the end, turn into to lack of motivation and giving up on making money as a day trader.

But it doesn't have to be like that! is dedicated to helping aspiring traders get a headstart trading the financial markets. Whether your target market is forex, commodities, indices, or cryptocurrencies the knowledge and tools found on this page will improve your understanding and help you get the skills and knowledge needed to be day trading for a living.

afro american man reading TraderRookie papers to learn day trading for beginners


All my articles about trading! I write about anything related to day trading. I can't guarantee you that anything is done the right- or wrong way: But it is certainly done the Rookie Way™!

Large stack of books with content about day trading


This section contains my recommendations for trading related literature, blogs, and webpages. And best of all: Everything is Trader Rookie Approved!

TraderRookie Toolbox with different day trading tools


This section includes my proprietary trading tools.
All developed by me to help you take your trading to the next level.

Trader Rookie and friens sharing day trading success stories

Share a story about your trading journey

Rookie loves a great story - especially if it involves day trading!

It doesn't matter if your experience with trading comes from trading cryptocurrencies, stocks, forex, or maybe something else: Great traders develop skills from setbacks and experiences: Let's help each other grow!

Why not share your story here on TraderRookie?

- What inspired you to start online trading?

- Did you start learning by watching stock market graphs?

- Did you read: "forex trading for dummies" and then opened your first brokerage account the day after?

Share your story or read how other people got involved in trading.

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