If you are exploring the exciting world of day trading, but still lack the knowledge and experience to be profitable at trading: This page is for you!

So why "Trader Rookie"?

Choosing the word ‘Rookie’ may seem a bit strange to you, as a lot of people may carry a negative bias towards being labeled as a “Rookie”.

So, I looked up the word in the dictionary and came up with this definition:

rook·​ie | \ ˈru̇-kē \

A person who is new at a profession or sport, therefore inexperienced and underrated.

So the definition of a Trader Rookie is actually quite straightforward: Someone inexperienced in the field of trading.
Broadening the term a bit, I strive to provide content for anyone who is not (yet) long-term profitable trading the financial markets.

Getting started with day trading

Getting started with trading can be very intimidating and overwhelming – as the learning curve is quite steep in the beginning.
The internet is flooded with different strategies, tools, and opinions on how to do things the “right way”.
On top of that, there is a whole industry trying to make money on traders and trading.
Anywhere from brokers, paid groups, mentors to automated tools, and signal services – all trying to get their bite of the cake in a more or less legit way.

How difficult is trading?

It has never been easier to get started trading. Anyone can trade from their computer at home, and the minimum requirements to fund a trading account is smaller than ever.
Being successful at trading is quite a different task: Brokers in the European Union are obligated by law to provide data on the percentage of retail client accounts losing money. The data is depressing. Between 70-90% of all accounts are losing money. Further subtracting the clients that “break-even” on their account or barely make a profit, makes it obviously clear that the traders making (large) profits on trading is a small minority. So the odds are against you as an aspiring trader!

If you really want to make money trading you need to beat the masses. This is no easy task, but far from impossible - but you need to put in some work and time to succeed!

So you will learn to trade the right way here?

You won’t find any financial advice on this page, but I will try to give you my own unbiased opinion about various subjects related to trading the financial markets. I do not believe in one “right way” to trade - as a lot of different strategies may prove profitable. But there is certainly a lot to be said about “best practices” and “pitfalls” to avoid.
In the end, you have to work out what works for you, based on the market(s) you trade and your own personal psyche.
The aim of this page is to guide you to make the right decisions for yourself, by providing content about trading that I believe is important for you as a “Rookie”.

Who am I?

I started out exploring different markets for years: Mainly investing in stocks and later on various cryptocurrencies with mixed results (read: mostly losing money). I never really grew comfortable with the process of analyzing the fundamentals of stocks and assets for long term profitability. I started trading short term instead, guided by a growing knowledge in the field of technical analysis. Over the last few years, I have put a lot of time and energy into learning concepts, strategies and simply practicing the trading process over and over again. Today my focus is on the forex market - this is my comfort zone and where I have found my own edge in the market.

I value my privacy very highly and do not feel comfortable getting publicity as a person. This is why I have chosen the comfort of letting my trusty mascot “Rookie” guide you on this page. I believe my content should speak for itself without being tied to my face or name.

Thank you for visiting my page and I wish you profitable trading!

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