Recommended Resources

This is my list of pages and reading material I would recommend for knowledge and inspiration

- all Trader Rookie approved of course!


Homepage of trader Saeed Zaman.

His primary focus is on Forex but he also trades Crypto, Indices, and Commodities.

Saeed uses a technical trading strategy based on price action and is probably best known for his unique analytic skills where he uses price ranges to get insight into price behavior.

I have learned a lot from his videos - mainly how he manages trades and how he strives for confirmation before entering setups.

His homepage has a bit of free content, and I can only recommend his Youtube channel for more free stuff.

He is a bit of a fast talker, and his videos can be a bit fast-paced - so do yourself a favor and pause the videos and take some notes to get the full benefit of his content.

I haven't had the privilege of using his 'Premium Access' content - so unfortunately I can't comment on the value of this.

TraderSZ on YouTube

TraderSZ on Twitter

Homepage of British trader Simon Kloot

Simon's technical approach to trading is mainly based on supply and demand concepts.

His homepage contains a range of highly recommended articles about trading concepts. They are all down to earth and easy to grasp if you already have a basic understanding of supply and demand concepts.

Simon regularly tweets charts on Twitter with his technical analysis and predictions.

I personally never rely on the analysis of other traders. But if you are looking for inspiration, you can learn a lot from his charts that mainly focus on forex, commodities, and Crypto.

Simon also has paid 'Member Access' courses on Udemy - But unfortunately, I can't comment on the value of these, as I haven't used any of them.

TraderSimon on YouTube

TraderSimon on Twitter


Chicago Board of Trade (1996).

 A Six-part study guide to Market Profile® - TPO count to Distribution and Liquidity Data Bank® Volume Analysis.

 Board of Trade of the City of Chicago.

Also known as the “CBOT manual”. This guide developed by the Chicago Board of Trade in the mid-’90s is still relevant today!

Although it has a lot of focus on the Market Profile concepts I would actually recommend it to any trader: Even if you do not plan to use the concepts in your trading.

The book describes in great clarity how the financial markets seek value and will teach you valuable concepts like range development, balance, and imbalance plus expansion.

The manual has no “ready to use” strategies but is a must-read for any trader, as it provides you with a deeper understanding of the market forces involved in price-development.

The manual can be downloaded for free as a pdf-file: here

Volman, Bob (2014).

 UNDERSTANDING PRICE ACTION - Practical Analysis of the 5-minute Time Frame.

 Light Tower Publishing.

This book has a very “hands-on” practical approach to teaching you price action trading.

The book is based upon a huge collection of EURUSD 5 min. charts and will show you a lot of practical chart examples on how to trade in different market conditions.

I am not necessarily a fan of all Volmans approaches, but the book is surprisingly straightforward. Especially the entry strategies are very easy to grasp and will most certainly be a sound base for any aspiring trader.

I like this book because it teaches you a lot about the craft of being a trader. Something I haven’t seen elsewhere to the same extend.

You can have the best analytic skills in the world without being a good trader. This book can help you get better at executing those trades in the right moments!

Find the best price for the book: here